The Benefits of Live Stream Video Production

"Live stream video production has become an effective media trend to reach mass audiences. Live streamed video dates back to the first buffered video in 1989, while new technologies have advanced professional live stream video to quality television-like productions allowing our media webcasts to flourish." - Dew Allen, CEO of Entertainment Media Services

10 Reasons To Live Stream

  • An estimated 64 percent of the world’s internet traffic in 2014 was video content. According to a new report, the world’s online internet traffic will increase to 80 percent of video content and streaming of real-time messages.
  • The advantage of live stream broadcasting or "webcasting" is that it allows an audience of viewers to engage in an event that they are unable to physically attend.
  • Live stream video offers real-time action delivered to any internet connected device.
  • Media producers, such as Entertainment Media Services use multi-cameras and portable studio equipment to produce quality television-like audio and video media content for a better close range viewing experience.
  • The live stream video webcast can reach thousands of viewers with a variety of media embedding options including websites, social media platforms, and even live stream television networks.
  • Any event has geographical and physical restrictions. Live streaming events and content on the internet makes it accessible to a worldwide audience. This means engagement in your content can surpass the capacity limitations of a physical event.
  • If you are live streaming content for a one-time only event your stream becomes a rare and urgent entity. Online users take passive action towards content that they access on a regular basis, but if your stream is only available at one moment in time its urgency can create quite a stir on the internet.
  • Live streams are a great way of boosting interaction between you and potential clients. If your content is engaging to individuals you will be given the opportunity to connect with prospective clients.
  • A free live stream allows you to interact with new clients and create new business opportunities, while you could also charge for access to your stream which could bring in extra revenue. Don’t forget, if your stream is a physical event you would be able to charge both an admission fee for the physical attendees and another fee for online attendees.
  • Streaming live events and content will give your brand or business an image of differentiation and professionalism.

80% of the World's Internet Traffic Will Be Video

Video content accounted for an impressive 64% of all the world's internet traffic in 2014, but even with all the ALS challenges, and cat videos that year brought us, we are due an explosion in consumption over the next 4 years. According to a new report from Cisco, by 2019, online video will be responsible for four-fifths of global Internet traffic. The stats for the U.S. are even more impressive, coming in at 85%.

Cisco states that the dramatic increase will not only be driven by the increased popularity of OTT video streaming services, but also by the sheer number of us that will be connected by 2019. Over half the planet (around 3.9 billion people) will have access to the Internet by that time, but the number of devices able to access the web will be three times as high as the global population!

This will have a huge impact on video traffic. In the new research, Cisco predicts that traffic from wireless and mobile devices will rise to 66% of all traffic in 4 years, and these numbers are backed up by other research. In its recent study, the IAB confirmed that more viewers than ever are accessing video via their mobile devices, with around half of our daily consumption of digital media taking place through smartphones and tablets. According to another new report, this time from Ericsson, mobile video traffic will grow 55% per year until 2020.

Source: By 2019, 80% of the World's Internet Traffic Will Be Video

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