What About Live Stream Television Webcasts?

Live Stream Television Webcasts In 2019

Live Stream Video Production CompanyEntertainment Media Services plans to produce interactive live stream television webcasts in 2019. With the use of our mobile studio and professional video equipment, we are able to produce multi-camera live action shots with quality audio, lower thirds, and graphics that represent each event at its best.

According to Dew Allen, CEO of Entertainment Media Services, “We are moving ahead with plans to promote our live stream television webcasting services, unlike anything that is seen in the entertainment industry today.” Dew states, “This is an opportunity that will benefit everyone involved including the option for pay-per-views of quality content.”

The Entertainment Media Services team will produce each live stream production with engaging performance content including transitions of documentary and interview segments. The documentary and interview segments are planned to take place at a media production booth that the team transports to each event. Dew adds, “This is a media solution for event organizers, participants, and entertainers to interact with their audience. In addition to the up-close live stream performance content from the event itself, the documentary and interview segments will project an informative side of the event to our customer's audience.”

Each event's live stream television webcast will be available to view simultaneously on a variety of networks including the participant's website(s). There is an option to record the live stream video media immediately after the event. The recorded media may be used for additional promotions of the event and to viewers that may not have been available to engage in the live event.

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The Entertainment Media Services team is currently reaching out to webcasting networks, event organizers, entertainers, business sponsors, freelancers, and volunteers. Take part in this incredible journey of entertainment-related media with an intimate look at the production of events by our professional team.

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