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Ice Sculptures

What do some creative people do during the frigid northern winter months? Ice Sculptures is a production and interview with ice sculptors competing at the 2017 St. Paul Winter Carnival. (Produced in stereo - use of stereo headphones may be necessary on some listening devices.)

The Traveling Vietnam Memorial Wall

The Traveling Vietnam Memorial Wall is an 80 percent scale model of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington DC, USA. The Traveling Vietnam Memorial Wall now has carved into it the names of the 58,300 American military personnel (eight were women) who were direct casualties of the war, including 1300 who are still considered Missing In Action (MIA), but officially classified as “Died, body not recovered”. A few names are still being added each year: those who lost records of wartime death that were found later and names of men who died after the war from physical injuries as a result of the war.

Narrative by Chaplain Kirk Mansfield, American Legion Post #43

Yellow Dog Records – Mike Powers Interview

Yellow Dog Records has a roster of musicians which includes a variety of genres such as Blues, Jazz, Folk, Soul, and Americana. Watch this exclusive interview with the recording label executive Mike Powers discussing the trends and changes in his recording company.

Prince Passing at Paisley Park

Prince was an inspiration to many fans and musicians. We captured the reactions from fans at his home the day following the tragic news of Prince's death. A documentary webcast in the memory of Prince who passed in his home and studio at Paisley Park, Chanhassen, Minnesota on April 21, 2016.

Jimmy Nick and Don’t Tell Mama

A Blues Music documentary and performance of "The Wolf In Me" by the Jimmy Nick and Don't Tell Mama Band during the International Blues Challenge 2016, at Memphis, Tennessee.