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Professional Webcast Productions

Pro Webcast Advantages

    • Multi-camera feeds assure quality live action video footage at any angle including 4K aerial shots.
    • Lower thirds, picture-in-picture frames and quality graphics deliver television-like standards of your live-streamed webcast.
    • Audio mixing with an assortment of professional microphones assures the best quality sound.
    • Professional lighting for the perfect live-streamed video webcast exposure.
    • High-definition video camera feeds that output to large displays at your event.
    • Simultaneous webcasts to multiple internet sites and social media platforms that engage larger audiences.
    • Instant post-event recorded video archives of each live-streamed production.
    • Optional pay-per-views that may generate extra revenue from audiences worldwide.
    • VIP media tent to meet and greet audiences using our PA system at your event.

Pro Webcast Production

About Our Webcast Productions

Read about our live stream webcast productions at events including mobile equipment that can be set up for any size event, anywhere in the USA!

2020 Webcast Production

Schedule Your Webcast Production

We have production openings on our schedule for 2020. Contact us at least 2-months in advance to discuss the details of producing a quality live stream webcast of your next event.

Live TV Interaction!

Interact With Entertainment TV

Entertainment Media TV is another platform to view our live-streamed webcast productions and interact live. Follow our social media to know when a featured production is live!

Video and Webcast Pricing

Production Options and Pricing

We produce recorded video, recorded webcasts, or live webcasts of your event with optional pay-per-views, subscriptions, or donations. Call 888-236-9596 to discuss your production needs and our pricing.

Shortly About Us

Entertainment Media Services is a leader in quality audio-video recording and live stream webcast productions. We're based in Minnesota with professional audio-video equipment that can be transported to events anywhere in the USA. We produce recorded or live streamed webcasts that may include documentaries, live music, special events, interactive workshops, and even your own TV series. Generate additional event revenue with optional pay-per-views, subscriptions, or donations from an interactive worldwide online audience.

Let us professionally assist in getting your special event out to the world!